از طرفِ
شهریار حنیفه

Dear Morgan Neville,
I’m from Iran.
A few hours ago, I have finished watching your new movie for the nth time: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
And… honestly … When I thought about it in my solitude… I realized that I can’t pass and don’t talk about it, and don’t introduce it to my friends and anyone whom I love, and also don’t write anything for its creator and don’t speak of my delight.
I’m very grateful to you, Mr. Neville. Thank you for reminding humans to remind each other, and teaching them to be kind, to be careful, and to enjoy life more easily, just as Fred was.
Actually, I had never known Fred Rogers before I saw your film. Now I know him, and I’m happy that I watched a nice part of his life which you showed me, true or lie.
Personally, I always try with patience and hope to make the world I feel around myself, bit by bit, a more beautiful place for living. And I feel the people you showed me, are with me in this way; Although they live on the other side of the world, and even though the emperors of my land and yours aren’t interested in our relationship and being in a same path. Anyway… We are together; Maybe for someone, making love is too difficult.
I believe your film brings the world closer together. Thank You, And I love you too.

November 5, 2018